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Gliclazide is an oral antidiabetic agent, belonging to sulphonylurea group and differing from other related compounds by the addition of an azabicyclo-octane ring. It is a second generation sulphonylurea drug that has hypoglycaemic and potentially useful hemobiological properties.



Each tablet contains: gliclazide BP 30 mg;


Each tablet contains: gliclazide BP 80 mg.

Indications for use

Gliclazide is used in the management of type II diabetes mellitus whose hyperglycemia cannot be controlled by diet and exercise alone.

Mode of application

The total daily dose may vary from 40 to 320mg taken orally. The dose should be adjusted according to the individual patient’s response, commencing with 40-80 mg daily and increasing until adequate control is achieved. A single dose of gliclazide should not exceed 160mg.